How to Clean and Maintain Your Bounce House

We all went through childhood, and most of our time is spent playing with friends outside. Some of the enjoyable activities that kids really love is jumping and bouncing, so a bounce house is a good idea to give them the fun they deserve and at the same time exercise their body. If you’re a parent who purchased a bounce house for your kids even a small one, health and sanitation should be your priority. Like any other playing space, the bounce house will get dirty. To keep the riverside bounce houses clean and intact, the following are the maintenance tips you should do.  

Bounce House 

Age Limit of the Kids 

When you purchase the bounce house, there is a recommended age limit that you should follow. Most bounce houses are suitable for kids that are 10 years old and younger. If the manufacturer recommended that the bounce house should be off limit to older kids, you should follow it. There’s also a weight limit, follow this to avoid damaging the bounce house. Only allow the kids to play who are within the weight and age limit.  

Make the Kids Take Off their Shoes and Jewelries 

Before the kids play in the bounce, make sure you ask them to take off their shoes. This will keep the inside clean. You should also make them take off their jewelries and other sharp objects that might puncture the bounce house. Once the bounce house has been punctured by a sharp object, you will spend more on repairing it or even buying a new one.  

Sanitize Properly 

Sanitization is important especially that kids are sensitive to dirt and are prone to allergies. To start cleaning the inflatable house, start with vacuuming the space from the inside. Once you are done vacuuming the space, rub the fabric with soapy water using a smooth brush or sponge. You should be careful when doing this so you won’t damage the entire unit. When you purchase a cleaner, you should also ask for recommendations from the manufacturers so you would know what to buy. You should really consider this so you can’t damage the bounce house.  

Sanitizing and cleaning the bounce house is not just for dirt prevention, it’s also important that the kids will stay healthy and safe when they’re inside. Any surface can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so every after event or use of the bounce house; you should clean and remove any stains and dirt from it. Get rid of the bacteria so the kids will stay safe and healthy and have fun at the same time.  

Maintaining Commercial Inflatables 

If you own bounce house for rent, the cleaning is more complicated because the space is used too much by many kids at the same time. Before you inflate the product, make sure you clean them cautiously. It will take you many minutes but it’s better than spending more on a damaged one. Cleaning the commercial inflatable will also extend its life expectancy. When someone rents the bounce house, make sure that they follow the rules like mentioned above.